User Reported Crimes (Most Recent)

Crime Type/Address Description
Theft on 11706 Clifton Blvvd., LakewoodShoplifters at CVS. When apprehended, the suspects had drug paraphernalia and dangerous toys on their person.
Theft on 11700 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodShoplifting at CVS.
Assault on 1200 Marlowe Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence.
Theft on 1600 West 117th St., LakewoodShoplifter at Aldi's.
Assault on 1412 Winchester Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence.
Theft on 14861 Detroit Ave., LakewoodMale shoplifter at Marc's.
Vandalism on 13201 Madison Ave., LakewoodThe bike racks at Madison Park were vandalized.
Robbery on 11701 Detroit Ave., LakewoodA black male shoplifted items from Walgreen's. When an employee tried to stop the suspect, he elbowed the employee. The suspect is described as wearing a black
Vandalism on 1463 Coutant Ave., LakewoodA vehicle parked on the street was spray-painted with foul language. The graffiti was easily removed.
Assault on 13701 Lake Ave., LakewoodTwo juvenile males were physically fighting at Lakewood City Academy.
Theft on 11701 Detroit Ave., LakewoodA short black male stole items from Walgreen's.
Robbery on 17849 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodA male pulled a knife on another and demanded his phone and wallet. It is likely that the males knew each other.
Assault on 14018 Detroit Ave., LakewoodBar fight at the Winking Lizard Tavern.
Assault on 1328 Cove Ave., LakewoodLarge fight in the Briar Hill apartment building- an apartment door was kicked in and at least one person was kicked in the face. Windows were also broken.
Theft on 11900 Detroit Ave., LakewoodA female shoplifter was observed arguing with the store manager at Value World. The female was apprehended and she had a warrant for her arrest.
Vandalism on 1500 Newman Ave., LakewoodAttempted bicycle theft.
Theft on 18400 Detroit Ave., LakewoodShoplifting at Simone's.
Theft on 1400 Riverside Dr., LakewoodA 2009 Honda Accord was stolen from a parking lot.
Assault on 1600 Saint Charles Ave., LakewoodA female's husband stabbed her in the hand and then proceeded to break her fingers.
Theft on 14800 Detroit Ave., LakewoodTwo black females stole meat from Marc's and drove away.
Theft on 11700 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodShoplifter at CVS.
Arrest on 2000 Lark St., LakewoodHeroin overdose.
Assault on 2100 Dowd Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence- a female was assaulted by her child's father.
Robbery on 11700 Madison Ave., LakewoodA male demanded money from a clerk at a fast food restaurant. When the clerk refused to give any, the suspect pulled out a sharp piece of glass that looked like
Theft on 6600 middlefield road, Prince George's County
Theft on 1400 Winchester Ave., LakewoodA package was stolen off the front porch of a home.
Assault on 2100 Waterbury Rd., LakewoodDomestic violence- a female reported that her boyfriend broke into her apartment and punched her several times.
Vandalism on 11700 Nelson Ct., LakewoodEx-boyfriend broke an apartment window.
Theft on 11700 Detroit Ave., LakewoodShoplifter at Walgreen's.
Assault on 1200 Donald Ave., LakewoodSexual assault.
Assault on 13700 Lake Ave., LakewoodLarge fight in the hallway of Lakewood City Academy.
Theft on 11700 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodMale shoplifter at CVS.
Assault on 1500 Lakewood Ave., LakewoodAllegations of a female assaulting an animal.
Theft on 1500 Ridgewood Ave., LakewoodA work truck was broken into and items inside were stolen.
Theft on 2100 Glenbury Ave., LakewoodA black male wearing all black took items from an unlocked vehicle.
Burglary on 18600 Detroit Ave., LakewoodAn intox male broke into an apartment and started attacking the resident.
Theft on 14500 Detroit Ave., LakewoodA patient's daughter stole her wallet at Lakewood Hospital.
Vandalism on 15400 Detroit Ave., LakewoodThe Lakewood Public Library was vandalized with graffiti.
Vandalism on 12012 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodDamage done to storage lockers inside an apartment building.
Assault on 14500 Garfield Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence.
Robbery on 1516 Winchester Ave., LakewoodFive white males assaulted a man walking on Winchester Avenue and took $100 from him. The suspects were eventually located.
Theft on 12501 Lake Ave., LakewoodAttempted grand theft auto - window broken and ignition found punched.
Burglary on 1428 Ridgewood Ave., LakewoodA home was burglarized.
Theft on 1548 Lauderdale Ave., LakewoodBicycle stolen from outside a residence.
Assault on 13215 Detroit Ave., LakewoodA shoplifter pushed an employee.
Theft on 1453 Mars Ave, LakewoodA known drug addict stole things from his mother's home.
Theft on 2075 Richland Ave., LakewoodSnow plow pump stolen from outside home.
Assault on 1536 Newman Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence- male punched his grandmother in the face.
Assault on 12000 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodDomestic violence- suspect had a warrant for his arrest.
Vandalism on 14700 Detroit Ave., LakewoodA table at Panera Bread was vandalized by a possible High School student.
Assault on 1631 Victoria Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence.
Vandalism on 14532 Lake Ave., LakewoodVandalism at Lakewood Park.
Theft on 1300 Granger Ave., LakewoodGPS taken from unlocked car.
Assault on 17400 Woodford Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence.
Burglary on 15600 Detroit Ave., LakewoodApartment broken into.
Theft on 13200 Detroit Ave., LakewoodShoplifting at Family Dollar.
Theft on 1300 West 117th St., LakewoodShoplifting at Sapell's.
Burglary on 12200 Madison Ave., LakewoodWireless phone store broken into. At least one suspect was apprehended. An officer was also assaulted while trying to apprehend a suspect.
Burglary on 5109 Melbourne Rd, IndianapolisSuspects broke a back window to gain access to the home. ADT alarm went off at 9.03p. TV was stolen. Fingerprints were taken.
Burglary on 1500 Lauderdale Ave., LakewoodPerson came home and found seven or eight kids had broken into his home. One of the suspect juveniles was released to his mother.
Assault on 16200 Madison Ave., LakewoodMale bar patron fighting with a bouncer.
Theft on 2000 Magee St., LakewoodRear license plate stolen from vehicle.
Theft on 11706 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodShoplifting at CVS. Suspect not apprehended.
Burglary on 1200 Beach Ave., LakewoodHome broken into.
Vandalism on 18100 Detroit Ave., LakewoodTwo intox males threw a brick through the front window of a business.
Burglary on 17000 Madison Ave., LakewoodFront window broken out of business.
Assault on 14100 Franklin Blvd., LakewoodLarge fight at Lakewood High School.
Theft on 15701 Foothill Blvd, Azusathis incident occurred in lario park on foothill blvd in the city of azusa, ca. today, nov 11, 2014 at approx 1145am my bicycle was stolen from under me. the s
Burglary on 479 sw 3rd street, Miamisomeone broke in to my home and took money and cell phone devices. the individual only target certain objects and was very careful to not be noticed...nothing w
Assault on 14300 Detroit Ave., LakewoodIn the early morning hours, two men came to an eighty-five year-old female's apartment at The Westerly and posed as maintenance. When the elderly resident let t
Assault on 1200 Thoreau Rd., LakewoodA female called from Lakewood ER and stated that she was raped by her best friend's ex-boyfriend in a residence on Thoreau Road.
Theft on 11800 Edgewater Dr., LakewoodEx-boyfriend stole items from the apartment.
Theft on 1300 Edanola Ave., LakewoodNeighbors stole laundry from the laundry room.
Theft on 1400 West Clifton Blvd., LakewoodItems taken out of storage locker in an apartment.
Robbery on 12800 Madison Ave., LakewoodTwo juvenile males were observed assaulting another juvenile male in the street and taking his belongings. The suspects were apprehended near Madison and W 117t
Burglary on 12200 Madison Ave., LakewoodBusiness broken into.
Robbery on 1300 Mathews Ave., LakewoodTwo black males wearing masks and carrying guns robbed two parties on Mathews Avenue, taking a purse and cell phones.
Assault on 15203 Athens Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence.
Theft on 14100 Franklin Blvd., LakewoodBicycle stolen from Lakewood High School. The suspects were apprehended on Dowd Avenue, but released to their aunt.
Assault on 1400 Lakeland Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence.
Theft on 14013 Detroit Ave., LakewoodShoplifting at GetGo.
Theft on 12500 Lake Ave., LakewoodVehicle stolen from street.
Theft on 16900 Detroit Ave., LakewoodA Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phone was taken while someone was working out at the YMCA.
Theft on 1500 Riverside Dr., LakewoodIPAD taken from unlocked vehicle.
Theft on 11706 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodTwo parties were caught shoplifting from CVS. Police caught up to them at a bus stop where they were cited and released on-scene.
Theft on 12900 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodThe license plate of a Ford Explorer was removed while it was parked in the street.
Burglary on 14100 Madison Ave., LakewoodA TV was missing after Lakewood Liquidators was broken into.
Burglary on 13300 Madison Ave., LakewoodWireless phone store broken into.
Other on 7030 Barberie St, Jacksonvillegang activity, firearm possession & drug transactions. Occuring daily since January 2014
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