User Reported Crimes (Most Recent)

Crime Type/Address Description
Theft on 1216 Oakland Blvd, Fort Worth1994 black ford explorer stolen from waffle house parking lot fri 10-24-14 sometime between the hrs of 7am and 4pm
Theft on 14013 Detroit Ave., LakewoodShoplifting at Getgo. Suspects were unable to be located.
Vandalism on 13229 Madison Ave., LakewoodBike tires slashed while parked out front of library.
Theft on 1136 Cook Ave., LakewoodUtility theft.
Theft on 14005 Madison Ave., LakewoodJuvenile male stealing items from gas station. The police released the thief to his parents.
Burglary on 38 E Montgomery St, Baltimore
Burglary on 12700 Plover St., LakewoodA male forced entry to a home via a screwdriver and the back door. He told the resident who was home that he was there to investigate a dead body.
Assault on 1614 Lakewood Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence.
Arrest on 1300 Mathews Ave., LakewoodDUI.
Vandalism on 14600 Detroit Ave., LakewoodGraffiti on the walls inside Panera Bread.
Vandalism on 15600 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodA citizen heard glass break in the vicinity of Lincoln Elementary School. A juvenile had thrown an object through a window. The suspect juvenile was released.
Robbery on 4700 block of e. mississippi - Glendale CO, Arapahoe CountyWhite Crown Victoria with several black males stopped in an alley and stole the backpacks at gun point from several Hispanic teenage males. The Crown Victoria t
Arrest on 14800 Detroit Ave., LakewoodDrug trafficking arrest following an MVA.
Theft on 14800 Detroit Ave., LakewoodShoplifting at Marcs.
Theft on 13500 Merl Ave., LakewoodBikes stolen from Merl Park.
Theft on 13200 Madison Ave., LakewoodBikes stolen from Madison Park.
Assault on 11900 Madison Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence at the Flying Rib Bar.
Theft on 1500 Winchester Ave., LakewoodBikes stolen from backyard.
Assault on 1300 West 117th St., LakewoodMale beating people up in Sapell's parking lot. He was cited and released.
Assault on 2085 Wascana Ave., LakewoodLarge group of males fighting in street.
Vandalism on 13308 Detroit Ave., LakewoodFront window broken out of business.
Assault on 12800 Madison Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence- male and female physically fighting while intox.
Theft on 12400 Detroit Ave., LakewoodMoney taken out of work truck.
Assault on 1202 Gladys Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence-juvenile male assaulted his mother.
Burglary on 5412 South 37th, St. Louis
Theft on 22 Lockwood Terrace, HartfordNeighbor Had 4 tires stolen off her SUV and it was left on blocks. This occurred in a shared parking lot. The street light was out. Neighbors discussing neighb
Theft on 1600 Arbor Crest Dr, BedfordFour Black males stole a 2015 Harley Davidson from the Arbors on Forest Ridge
Assault on 1271 Cove Ave., LakewoodSeveral intox people fighting.
Vandalism on 1382 Arthur Ave., LakewoodSkateboarders broke the windshield of a car.
Vandalism on 14221 Madison Ave., LakewoodSeveral pieces of concrete thrown through the windows of a business.
Theft on 1000 Forest Cliff Dr., LakewoodItems taken from unlocked car.
Assault on 1646 Spring Garden Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence.
Burglary on 15720 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodGarage broken into and snowblower taken.
Theft on 2200 Emily Ave., LakewoodLicense plate theft.
Theft on 2200 Emily Ave., LakewoodLicense plate theft.
Theft on 1385 Cranford Ave., LakewoodPackages taken from apartment breezeway.
Burglary on 11849 Edgewater Dr., LakewoodApartment broken into.
Theft on Erie Street, ChicagoAll family, friend and neighbors within 2000 to 2200 block of Erie. A @#$%^ casually jumped over the next door neighbor fence on Fri, 10/17 @1p. Got into our ga
Assault on 1217 Cranford Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence- roommate assaulted another.
Theft on 1336 Hird Ave., LakewoodIntox male refused to pay his cab fare.
Vandalism on 1533 Northland Ave., LakewoodCar spray-painted overnight.
Theft on 13201 Madison Ave., LakewoodCandy taken from a juvenile's backpack at Madison Park.
Vandalism on 2138 Lewis Dr., LakewoodTenant did damage to a rental property.
Vandalism on 13201 Madison Ave., LakewoodDamage done to awning at Madison Pool.
Theft on 14415 Delaware Ave., LakewoodLoose change taken from unlocked vehicle.
Theft on 14810 Detroit Ave., LakewoodDine and dash at Deagen's.
Theft on 15120 Detroit Ave., LakewoodIntox male stole a beer keg from Quaker Steak and Lube.
Theft on 1332 West 117th St., LakewoodDine and Dash.
Theft on 1391 Sloane Ave., LakewoodPurse taken after car broken into in a lot.
Vandalism on 1504 Newman Ave., LakewoodJuvenile accidentally threw a rock through a house window.
Theft on 14415 Detroit Ave., LakewoodBlack male stole items from T.J. Butcher Block. Property was recovered.
Theft on 11850 Edgewater Dr., LakewoodGPS taken out of unlocked vehicle.
Assault on 12201 Detroit Ave., LakewoodTwo hispanic males beat another male with a large pipe. They fled the area in a vehicle but were later located near Sam's Beverage. They were found to have drug
Assault on 12800 Madison Ave., LakewoodA black male in a Superman jacket hit a person and ran.
Theft on 2103 Robin St., LakewoodKnown female stole checks from home.
Theft on 12503 Madison Ave., LakewoodBlack males in black hoodies stole several items and a customer's ID card from Madison Food Center.
Assault on 11800 Madison Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence in a motor vehicle.
Theft on 15412 Detroit Ave., LakewoodJuvenile shoplifted deodorant.
Vandalism on benmere rd, Anne Arundel Countytire slashed while parked on the street in front of our house.
Theft on benmere rd, Anne Arundel Countysomeone stole my daughter's pumpkin.
Theft on 1300 Sloane Ave., LakewoodPurse and keys taken after car broken into.
Arson on 18600 Detroit Ave., LakewoodRoad flare thrown under vehicle.
Burglary on 17300 Detroit Ave., LakewoodHair salon broken into.
Arrest on 18200 Detroit Ave., LakewoodDUI.
Theft on 1100 Brockley Ave., LakewoodItems taken from unlocked car in garage.
Burglary on 15500 Hilliard Rd., LakewoodHome entered and storage lockers broken into.
Theft on 1500 Victoria Ave., LakewoodTheft of firearm from residence- possible known suspect.
Arrest on 14400 Detroit Ave., LakewoodDUI.
Theft on 14100 Detroit Ave., LakewoodCounterfeit bills found in register at Giant Eagle.
Theft on 14100 Detroit Ave., LakewoodShoplifting at Giant Eagle. The suspect also had a warrant with North Olmsted.
Arrest on 14800 Leonard Ave., LakewoodDUI.
Theft on 2000 Waterbury Rd., Lakewood1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass taken from street.
Theft on 11700 Edgewater Dr., Lakewood2002 Lincoln, black in color was taken from the street.
Theft on 1200 Clifton Prado, LakewoodStolen property found during a traffic stop.
Burglary on 1200 Cove Ave., LakewoodApartment broken into.
Assault on 1400 Newman Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence- suspect assaulted his girlfriend and then a police officer. He was also found to be in possession of drugs.
Theft on 1300 West 117th St., LakewoodShoplifting at Sapell's.
Theft on 34101 Via California, San Juan CapistranoStolen bike in the backyard
Theft on 1262 Broadway, BrooklynA car was broken into in the middle of the night. Personal items valued in excess of $1000 were stolen from the vehicle. A police report was obtained.
Burglary on 1500 Waterbury Rd., LakewoodXBOX missing from home.
Other on 14600 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodDrugs found on a male when he was stopped at random walking down the street.
Vandalism on 1500 Bunts Rd., LakewoodBikes ridden through wet cement sidewalk.
Theft on 14700 Detroit Ave., LakewoodTip jar taken by a juvenile male.
Theft on 16000 Detroit Ave., LakewoodUnattended purse stolen at Bobby O's Bar.
Assault on 11900 Franklin Blvd., LakewoodPolice officer assaulted while trying to apprehend a suspect who threw a brick through the window of a home.
Theft on 11700 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodShoplifter at CVS.
Theft on 12500 Detroit Ave., LakewoodShoplifting at East End Market.
Robbery on 11800 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodHuntington Bank robbed. Suspect passed a note demanding money. Suspect eventually apprehended at a nearby apartment project.
Shooting on 3359 W 117th St, Cleveland 26 y/o male shot in the chest during dispute in the parking lot of Lavish
Robbery on 18414 Detroit Ave., LakewoodShoplifter fighting physically with an employee at Simone's Beverage.
Assault on 14519 Detroit Ave., LakewoodFight over the sale of a crack pipe at Lakewood Hospital.
Theft on 12201 Franklin Blvd., LakewoodIntox male stole beer from Sam's Beverage.
Theft on 1286 Cove Ave., LakewoodFriend took vehicle without permission.
Other on 12540 Edgewater Dr., LakewoodMale's caught looking into cars in parking lot of Marine Towers West. Males were cited for trespassing.
Theft on 1284 Cove Ave., LakewoodBikes stolen from storage unit.
Assault on 1243 Edwards Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence- male's girlfriend hit him and took his phone charger.
Vandalism on 15700 Detroit Ave., LakewoodJuvenile males damaged a car by riding skateboads on it.
Assault on 1305 Westlake Ave., LakewoodIntox male fighting with a female on the porch.
Vandalism on 16900 Detroit Ave., LakewoodTires slashed in YMCA parking lot.
Theft on 12650 Detroit Ave., LakewoodIntox male refusing to pay cab fare.
Theft on 1327 Park Row, LakewoodIPOD taken from unlocked car in driveway.
Theft on 16300 Hilliard Rd., LakewoodPackages stolen from apartment hallway.
Vandalism on 16400 Detroit Ave., LakewoodA sign in the area was vandalized with graffiti.
Theft on 1300 Warren Rd., LakewoodTwo white males stole a sewer camera from a van and fled northbound on Warren. The suspects were apprehended and property was returned to the victim.
Assault on 1631 Victoria Ave., LakewoodFight between two juvenile siblings.
Theft on 1054 Leedale Ave., LakewoodVarious items taken from car overnight.
Theft on 1068 Erie Cliff Dr., LakewoodVarious items taken from car overnight.
Theft on 1095 Erie Cliff Dr., LakewoodVarious small items taken from car overnight.
Theft on 1039 Forest Cliff Dr., LakewoodVarious items taken from vehicle overnight.
Theft on 15900 Lake Ave., LakewoodLease papers taken from unlocked car in driveway.
Theft on 1068 Leedale Ave., LakewoodUnlocked car gone through overnight.
Assault on 13494 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodDomestic violence- a female's intoxicated boyfriend punched her in the face.
Assault on 15615 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodA ten year old male was riding his bike in the vicinity of Lincoln Elementary School when another juvenile male knocked him off the bike, assaulted him, and bro
Robbery on 1300 Cranford Ave., LakewoodA woman was hit over the head with a heavy object while walking on Cranford Avenue. The suspect then cut the straps of her purse with a knife and fled.
Theft on 2100 Eldred Ave., LakewoodPurse and wallet taken from vehicle overnight.
Vandalism on 13200 Madison Ave., LakewoodAttempted theft of bike racks at Madison Park.
Assault on 1500 Winchester Ave., LakewoodDomestic violence- a boyfriend choked his girlfriend and fled in an unknown direction.
Burglary on 1300 Hird Ave., LakewoodAn apartment was entered via pushing up a screen. A purse and medication were stolen.
Assault on 12400 Detroit Ave., LakewoodAn unknown male assaulted a worker at Pepper's Restaurant.
Theft on 13439 Clifton Blvd., LakewoodBike taken from rack outside of Emerson School.
Theft on 17400 Edgewater Dr., LakewoodThree unlocked cars gone through overnight.
Theft on 17200 Edgewater Dr., LakewoodCar gone through overnight.
Theft on 15000 Madison Ave., LakewoodPropane tanks stolen from filling station.
Shooting on 2601 Woodland Park Dr, Houstonfatal shooting
Theft on 120 Bethnal Way, Douglasville2-77 yr old established Japanese Maple tree dug up out of yard, rebar that was used to train tree was taken as well
Theft on Bethnal Way, Paulding County2 year old established Japanese Maple dug up out of yard. Rebar used to train shape was stolen as well.
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